What is Qstomizer?

Qstomizer is a App for Shopify. With it and in the easiest way, you can add a designer for custom products to your online store.
Just need to install the App, configure it and You´ll have a designer of dozens of products seamlessly integrated with the design of your online store.


More info about qstomizer here: http://www.qstomizer.com 

Multiple products

With a single App, You´ll get a T-shirt designer , 2/3D cases for iPad , iPhone , Samsung Galaxy , Neoprene sleeves, buttons, skins, etc. . and many other products.

Designed for Shopify

Designed and 100% integrated for the more widespread online shop system in the world; Shopify©.


Your customers can customize their products on virtually any device with a modern browser installed on it. For instance: PC Windows, Mac OSX, iOS Smartphones and tablets (iPhone and iPad), Android devices, and so on...

Integrated with your design.

Qstomizer will be integrated with your Shopify theme without any additional modification. It is compatible with 99.9 % themes in the market.

Use your own fonts or Google Fonts and Cliparts

Includes dozens of cliparts ready to use. You can add to the designer any standard fonts or any Google web Font or your own TTF fonts. Google fonts are ready for downloading at the admin section of the plugin in TTF format. You will be able to use them with your favorite design software like i.e.Illustrator, Freehand or any other.